TUC National Demonstration June 2022

Thousands of teachers marched on 18 June to Demand Better at the TUC National March and Rally.

They came from all over the country to demand government action on a pay rise for all workers, the cost of living and a new deal for working people.

As part of our Better Deal for Teachers campaign, we were proud to join the TUC and the trade union movement marching to the rally at Parliament Square on 18 June to Demand Better.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, addressed the rally, saying, ‘Today, we stand together united. United against the biggest squeeze on our living standards for half a century. Fighting back against a decade of pay cuts, racial injustice and gender inequality, rising levels of poverty, a race to the bottom in a decade of failure.

‘We know they don’t care. But we do. We won’t stop. We won’t stand by. We will do whatever it takes to defend our members. Children deserve better. Teachers deserve better.

‘I want to make absolutely clear here today that in the event that teachers’ pay awards don’t as a minimum meet our demands, we will be balloting our members to take national industrial action from November in England, Scotland and Wales.

‘The fightback continues, colleagues!’

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