Pay offer rejected

The NASUWT has continued to seek an agreement through negotiation that meets the legitimate expectations of teachers in Jersey.

“While the NASUWT recognises and welcomes that important improvements have been proposed to the pay award imposed on teachers earlier this year, the current offer is not acceptable."

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The NASUWT is by far the largest union representing teachers and school leaders in Jersey.

The NASUWT is very active on the island and has embarked on a social partnership agreement with the States, which we are confident will result in tangible gains for members in the coming years.

Social Partnership

In September 2014, the NASUWT and the States of Jersey signed a ground-breaking social partnership.

The aim of the Education Partnership created by the agreement is to establish a new and positive way of working to continue to deliver the high-quality education to which every child and young person in Jersey is entitled.

At the heart of the Education Partnership is a recognition that the school workforce is central to securing high standards of progress and achievement across the education system.

The States and the NASUWT are clear that good working conditions for teachers and the provision of meaningful and engaging educational experiences for children and young people are not mutually exclusive goals.

The signatories to the agreement believe that securing improvements in the working lives of teachers is an important means of influencing the quality of learning in classrooms.


Jersey is part of the South East Regional Centre of the NASUWT, which can be contacted by:

Telephone: 01483 226130
Fax: 01483 226139

The Regional Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Members requiring professional support out of hours should contact their Local Association Secretary or National Executive Member.