The NASUWT is a member-led Union, which means members getting actively involved in your Union to support your colleagues and fellow teachers at work.

Getting active in the Union takes a variety of forms and will mean you get access to FREE training, support, and personal and professional development: you can be proud in the knowledge that you are undertaking a role that helps teachers in their workplaces.

The roles you can become involved in are listed on the right/below, along with and the Lay Structure of the NASUWT. You can also watch a video of one member’s experience of how she is making a difference.

Help make teachers heard by becoming more active by signing up below. Let us know how we can help you become more active or what further information you require.

The NASUWT is proud to be owned by its members, run by its members and working for its members.

The easiest way to get your voice heard is to increase the influence of the NASUWT in your school by having a well-organised team of NASUWT members.

Recruiting new members, retaining current members, and organising members collectively at school level are the keys to gaining influence both with employers and government bodies.

Be part of the picture

You can become involved in the Union regardless of how long you have been a member. If you are a member looking for an introductory role, you may want to consider:

You can read more about these roles and the extensive programme of free accredited training for NASUWT Reps by clicking on the links or looking at the Lay Structure of the NASUWT. Teachers are busy people, but union reps are entitled to time off for trade union duties and training.

Workplace Contacts

Many members have told the NASUWT that they would be willing to support union activity by becoming a point of contact in the workplace to act as a communication link between the Union and our members where there is no accredited Workplace Rep.

The NASUWT has a network of volunteers who become Workplace Contacts. If you are interested in taking up this role, please read more about the type of activity you can get involved with on our Workplace Contact page.

Whichever role you are considering, you can use the Expression of Interest form above if you would like some personalised advice.

How to get elected

The election process for school-level representatives is a simple process of calling a meeting of NASUWT members.

Candidates should be nominated and seconded before a vote takes place. The vote itself can be a show of hands at the meeting or through a more formal anonymous ballot supported by your Local Association Secretary.

We are here to help

Once elected, you should email the Membership Team so that your membership record can be updated accordingly. You will then have access to the library of Activist Resources the Union provides to support you in your role.