Workplace Contact

Any member of the NASUWT in a workplace can volunteer to the NASUWT to become a contact in those workplaces where there is no accredited NASUWT Representative.

What does a Workplace Contact do?

The NASUWT recognises that teaching is a very challenging and time-consuming role but we also know that there has never been a more important time to ensure that members are directly linked to the NASUWT to ensure that they are receiving the information, advice and support that they need.

The Workplace Contact provides that vital link by:

  • updating the Union noticeboard with the information the Union regularly provides;

  • receiving information from the NASUWT and bringing it to the attention of members either via the noticeboard or circulating it directly to members as appropriate;

  • prompting members to respond to NASUWT ballots or surveys;

  • reminding members, from time to time, to inform the NASUWT of any changes to their membership information;

  • welcoming a trainee or newly qualified teacher and any teachers new to the workplace and passing on information about the benefits of being a member of the NASUWT;

  • publicising NASUWT events and training courses;

  • communicating any concerns members may have to the NASUWT to enable advice and support to be provided to them.

All the information you will need is provided by the NASUWT.

Why are Contacts important?

As members of a democratic union, you and the other members in your workplace are vital to the effectiveness of the NASUWT in representing the interests of members.

As a democratic, member-led organisation, the NASUWT seeks to ensure member input to inform policy and decision-making.