The NASUWT supports members from every school setting, including those who are teaching or in leadership roles within the independent schools sector. We support all our members to ensure your school is successful and this includes securing the rights and entitlements of all of our members.

The NASUWT recognises that those working within the independent schools sector can face particular issues and challenges. The Union is here to stand up for the rights of our members and ensure their fair treatment.

Teachers’ Pension Scheme

Independent schools do not have to follow the pay and conditions policies, including the pension scheme, that apply to teachers in local authority maintained schools. Many independent schools did, until recently, offer the Teachers’ Pension Scheme to their employees and most of these schools continue to do so.

The NASUWT is currently working with members in a number of independent schools to fight against the decision of their employer to withdraw them from the Scheme and offer one with much less favourable terms.

Tackling workload

Workload is an issue for teachers across all sectors, including those in independent schools. Eighty-seven per cent of teachers and school leaders cite workload as the number one concern about their job, including attendance at meetings.

The NASUWT has produced guidance which will have a positive impact on reducing excessive workload and working hours, including specific instructions that deal with the number of meetings teachers attend. You can download the Workload Review Group Reports from the sidebar on the right/below.

Concerns over pay

Independent schools have jurisdiction over their own salary scales and do not have to follow the pay arrangements set by the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document. The NASUWT fights for fair pay and against discriminatory pay practices on behalf of all teachers.

The NASUWT pay scales are available for each nation. If you feel that you are unfairly paid, or are the victim of discrimination in respect of your pay, please contact the Member Support Advice Team for assistance.

Teachers in Independent Special Schools

The NASUWT successfully pressed the DfE to provide funding for increased teacher pension costs to local authorities for pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans who are educated in independent settings.

Support and further advice

In England, our Member Support Advice (MSA) Team are available for any member to access support, advice and information on employment-related issues. Please contact the MSA Team with your enquiry, stating your membership number where possible.

Members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can access nation-specific support, advice and information from their National Centre:

Northern Ireland: [email protected]
Scotland: [email protected]
Wales/Cymru: [email protected]