Proposed withdrawal from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

In September 2021, The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) opened a consultation on withdrawal from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS), proposing that their teaching staff be enrolled in a defined contribution scheme.

NASUWT members oppose leaving the TPS, which is a defined benefit scheme. A defined benefit scheme means that teachers can plan for a secure retirement, whereas a defined contribution scheme is a ‘retirement savings plan’ which is dependent on the vagaries of the stock market.

Enrolment in the TPS is a fundamental element of a teachers’ pay and reward package. Teachers in all state schools, academies and 960 independent schools have access to the TPS. The GDST’s published accounts show that they are in good financial health and no evidence has been provided to the NASUWT to show the Trust cannot afford to be part of the scheme.

Given the tireless commitment shown by GDST teachers during the pandemic, our members are understandably shocked and dismayed by this proposal to worsen a fundamental element of their terms and conditions.

The NASUWT has submitted a collective consultation response which can be downloaded from the right/below.

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is a group of 23 independent schools based in England and Wales.

What you can do

Megaphone petition

Please sign and encourage others to sign the Megaphone petition as part of the campaign to maintain the Teachers’ Pension Scheme at GDST.

Add your name to the Protect teachers and their pensions at Girls’ Day Schools Trust petition.

Fire and Rehire

The GDST issued a S188 notice at the start of this consultation process, showing their intention to dismiss and re-engage their employees if collective agreement is not reached during the consultation process.

The NASUWT condemns the tactic of ‘Fire and Rehire’ as a means of varying the terms and conditions of our members. A meaningful consultation cannot be held if the threat of dismissal is hanging over the heads of our members.

Add your name to our Stop Fire and Rehire campaign.