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Supply Teachers' Survey

(England and Wales)

The NASUWT, as the largest teachers’ union representing supply teachers across the UK, is interested in telling your story. The 2018 Supply Teachers’ Survey is your way of telling us about the experience of being a supply teacher, as well as informing the Union as it campaigns for better terms and conditions.

The NASUWT is committed to tackling the exploitation of and discrimination against supply teachers by some supply agencies and schools.

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Arolwg Athrawon Cyflenwi Cymraeg (Supply Teacher Survey Welsh)

The NASUWT recognises that supply teachers are committed and dedicated professionals who make a vital contribution to securing high educational standards for all children and young people. 

The NASUWT recognises the deep concerns of supply teachers and works at school, local and national level to ensure that the interests of members working as supply teachers are represented effectively and that their particular needs and concerns are reflected in the development of its policy its advice and guidance.

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