Finder’s Fees Campaign

Transfer/finder’s fees are applied by supply agencies when a school seeks to offer a supply teacher a substantive post. Typically, the school pays the agency a percentage of the salary that the supply teacher would have earned had they continued to be employed as an agency worker. Transfer/finder’s fees can be as high as £10,000.

The NASUWT has written to the Secretary of State for Education to highlight the concerns that the deployment of extortionate and inappropriate finder’s fees in education are restricting or even removing the right to work for many agency workers, especially for women, black and minority ethnic (BME) and disabled workers who are disproportionately represented as agency workers.

The NASUWT wants to shine a light on this practice and the way in which it denies supply teachers access to permanent work.

The NASUWT is therefore asking you to show your solidarity by sending a letter to your MP. The NASUWT has drafted a template letter for you to use, which you can send via the Union's Contact Your MP facility.

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