Your NASUWT Local Association and the Local Association Secretary represent a key source of support and advice for the NASUWT workplace team.

The Local Association Secretary is the first port of call for NASUWT Representatives. Local Associations will also make sure that Representatives have details of their Regional Centres where prompt advice and guidance is always available.

The role of the Equality Officer

Below are some key duties of an Equality Officer:

  • promoting and supporting the equalities agenda within the Local Association;

  • working alongside the other Officers of the Local Association to bring equalities into the mainstream;

  • encouraging members from under-represented groups to become involved in Union activity (Black, disabled, LGBTI, women and young members are under-represented within the lay structures of the NASUWT);

  • supporting recruitment and organising of members from under-represented groups;

  • promoting equality issues in local campaigns and activities;

  • advising on equalities issues affecting members.

Training and support

Equalities Training and Development Days

Termly Equalities Training and Development Days are held at NASUWT Headquarters to provide training information and advice on a range of equalities issues and developments in legislation, employment law and campaigns. All briefings take place at Hillscourt Education Centre, Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8RS.

Previous development days have included sessions on peer-based online sexual harassment, eradicating teacher pay inequality and promoting female role models in society.