The NASUWT is campaigning for education and health and safety policy to support teachers who are suffering from Long Covid.

Long Covid is the condition where people who have had Covid-19 continue to experience persistent symptoms of the illness that typically last for more than 12 weeks.

It is characterised by significant health impairments that continue after the initial infection. Symptoms include extreme fatigue and shortness of breath, leading to exhaustion after even minor activity.

Although duration and severity vary, there is no apparent link to pre-existing conditions or levels of fitness, but there is some indication that ‘soldiering on’ through a Covid infection makes Long Covid more likely.

The NASUWT Campaign will:

  • raise awareness of the experience of teachers who are suffering from Long Covid;

  • call for statutory recognition of the illness within legislation and inclusion in the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010;

  • challenge education employers to support teachers experiencing Long Covid and ensure they are treated fairly by:

    • guaranteeing access to decent sickness absence provision;

    • recognising Long Covid as an illness; and

    • making reasonable adjustments available at work, including the right to time off and access to flexible working.

The Union is also:

  • seeking to address the current inadequacy of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) in responding to cases of teachers who are unable to continue working because of Long Covid;

  • demanding financial compensation for teachers who have contracted Covid as a direct result of their work.

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