The current government has run out of time to fix the problems of 14 years of neglect and decline.

Foreword to NASUWT 2024 Campaign Plan by the General Secretary

Teachers are the most powerful instrument for changing lives.

They have an unshakeable belief and optimism for their pupils. They may sometimes feel let down, but they are never defeated and they never give up on their students. However, teachers are experiencing high levels of anxiety as a result of unreasonable expectations placed on them, struggling with the debilitating impact of workload and facing verbal and physical assaults, abuse and discrimination.

The lack of support for children and families is leading to more and more responsibility being placed on them.

In NASUWT, teachers have a union that is always on their side and that is also never defeated and will never give up. A union that exists to protect teachers. A union that will always put teachers first.

In the last year, we’ve led national disputes in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

We ran more than 10,000 successful individual workplace ballots last year alone. No other union has ever done more than this. We took action and won improvements for our members across the country. But the message from our members is also clear: we need change. Change can only come from a new UK Government that is committed to delivering a New Deal for Teachers.

The current government has run out of time to fix the problems of 14 years of neglect and decline. They have also run out of time to fix the problems they have created in England’s schools and colleges, as well as the chronic under funding of education in the devolved nations.

Whilst we must demand more of Ministers in every nation, we know that all roads inevitably lead back to Westminster. The change that our members want can only come from a new government that is committed to delivering a New Deal for Teachers and for children’s education.

The next general election must be a turning point for education. Our members want nothing less than for this to be the best country in the world for children and young people to grow up and be educated in.

We will press every politician ahead of the general election, with our Manifesto for Teachers, to secure the change we want to see. This Campaigns Report sets out many of our priorities for the year ahead. 2023 was a year of action. Join us in making 2024 the year of change.

Dr Patrick Roach


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