We are ready for change...

...and time is running out for Gillian Keegan...

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world - teachers change lives and build a better world, but teachers are being failed by this Government.

NASUWT wants a new government to commit to making our country the best to grow up in for every child and young person.

Children’s lives and futures are being damaged by a lack of investment in our schools, colleges and wider support services for children and families.

More teachers and headteachers are leaving the profession prematurely, whilst targets to train the next generation of teachers have been missed for more than a decade - holding back a generation and damaging our country’s prospects for the future.

Our children and young people deserve better.

We believe that investing in a brighter future for our children starts with investing in our teachers.

Securing world-class pay and conditions

The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers and the conditions they work in.

However, for more than a decade, teachers have endured rising levels of workload, unsustainable working hours and declining real-terms pay.

Fewer graduates are choosing to teach and more teachers are considering quitting the profession at a time when we need more.

We want the next government to deliver a New Deal that will:

  • deliver a national workforce plan to help raise the status of teaching;

  • restore the value of teachers’ pay;

  • tackle the underlying causes of excessive workload;

  • introduce a 35-hour limit on teachers’ contractual working time;

  • secure a contractual right for all teachers to training and professional development at every career stage.

Fully funding education

We want all schools and colleges to have the resources they need to secure the best educational opportunities and facilities for children and young people.

However, as a share of national income (GDP), less is spent on education than was the case in 2010 and rising numbers of schools and colleges are in deficit, whilst increasing numbers of pupils are unable to access the specialist services and support they need.

We want the next government to deliver a New Deal that will:

  • secure improved funding for schools, colleges and other public services;

  • restore the infrastructure of wider support services for children and families;

  • secure strong collaboration and multi-agency working on behalf of children, young people and families in every local area;

  • invest in buildings and infrastructure to ensure they are safe, healthy and fit for purpose.

Providing security in employment

Raising the status of teaching means ensuring that all teachers are respected and treated as highly skilled professionals with great working conditions that can compete with other graduate professions.

We want the next government to deliver a New Deal that will:

  • require all teachers to be qualified or on a route to qualified teacher status;

  • improve family-friendly and flexible working rights for teachers;

  • ban the use of zero hours contracts and provide equal rights for supply teachers;

  • prohibit the use of fire and rehire;

  • strengthen protection against violence, assault or harassment of teachers from pupils and parents;

  • take action to safeguard the physical and mental health, safety and welfare of teachers, including reform of inspection and regulation;

  • provide access to affordable housing for teachers working in areas of higher housing cost.

Tackling discrimination

Every teacher, irrespective of background, should feel confident that they can progress and succeed in their chosen career and be supported to work free from discrimination and harassment.

We want the next government to deliver a New Deal that will:

  • deliver a national workforce plan to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the teaching profession;

  • require school and college employers to publish details of their gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps;

  • require school and college employers to publish annually the salaries and remuneration of trustees, governing boards, headteachers and principals.

Working in partnership

Teachers want to see a government that is committed to securing good industrial relations through dialogue and consensus building.

Strong collective bargaining arrangements are the key to unlocking better pay and working conditions and tackling inequality and unfair treatment at work.

We want the next government to deliver a New Deal that will:

  • build social partnership with workforce trades unions and employers and strengthen collective bargaining rights;

  • restore confidence in the independent teachers’ pay review process;

  • require all school and college employers to recognise trade unions for the purpose of collective bargaining.

It’s time for change

The message from our members is loud and clear: teachers are angry, frustrated and believe the change we need can only come from a new government that is committed to delivering a New Deal for Teachers.

This Government has shown not one shred of care or concern for the teaching profession and it has run out of time and ideas to fix the problems of 14 years of neglect and decline.

It’s time for this Government to stop holding children and teachers to ransom and call the General Election now.

We know the scale of the challenge any new Government will face. We’re not asking for quick fixes. Our members want lasting solutions that will repair our broken schools and colleges.

We want politicians who will champion teachers and deliver a promise to secure the future of our profession.

NASUWT members have no confidence in the current Government’s ability to deliver the changes needed.

It’s not enough to hope for the best. We all need to play our part in making change happen and that work begins today.