We are calling time on excessive workload and working hours for teachers

Action short of strike action - winning in your workplace

Here’s a selection of quotes taken from NASUWT members reporting the positive impacts that action short of strike action is having in their schools.

‘All NASUWT members are not being asked to provide cover’ -- secondary teacher in the North West
‘I am no longer doing question level analyses for exams which can take about an hour and a half ’ -- secondary teacher in Yorkshire and Humberside
‘I get home earlier and get to spend more quality time with my family' -- secondary teacher in the South West
‘Our after school meeting has been reduced by 30 minutes’ -- secondary teacher in Yorkshire and Humberside
‘PPA time is fully protected. Staff are not keeping students for detentions in their lunchtime.’ -- secondary teacher in the North West
‘The directed time calendar has been reviewed and tightened up. Staff are no longer responsible for making appointments for parents evenings’ -- SEN teacher in Yorkshire and Humberside
‘Principal making adjustments to workload’ -- secondary teacher in the West Midlands
‘Much more facility time’ -- secondary teacher in Yorkshire and Humberside
‘Better work-life balance’ -- secondary teacher in the Eastern region
‘Administration tasks reduced’ -- secondary teacher in the West Midlands

Our members told us it was Time for a Limit on excessive workload, unreasonable expectations and the increasing number of hours it takes to fulfil their role.

Despite their best endeavours to keep up with an ever-increasing workload, 69% of teachers told us they feel too worn down to give their job their best effort.

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Our Big Question and Wellbeing Surveys carried out in 2022 found that teachers ranked workload as the top issue that most impacted both their physical and mental health.

Governments and employers have consistently failed to deliver on tackling workload and working hours.

It’s Time for a Limit on the drivers of excessive working hours.

Teachers are working more for less - pay is stagnating while working hours are unlimited.

Unlike other professions, teachers have no contractual entitlement to any paid overtime.

More than 72% of teachers have seriously considered leaving their current job and 65% say they have seriously considered leaving the teaching profession altogether.

Long working hours and excessive workloads are driven by a recruitment and retention crisis caused by more than a decade of Government cuts and underfunding of schools, colleges and children’s services.

As part of a Better Deal for Teachers, our members are demanding a new commitment to end excessive workload once and for all.

Online ballots blocked

Anti-trade union legislation requires us to ballot by post and prevents us from using online balloting.

By working together, we can address your concerns over workload by securing tangible wins in the workplace, building union strength, and supporting our campaigns with governments to reform teachers’ contracts.

If you want more influence

Your Local Association and National Executive Member(s) can support you to understand your rights at work and we have an annual programme of training and development to help build your own confidence.

The NASUWT is a member-led Union, which means you getting actively involved in your Union to support your colleagues and fellow teachers at work.

Getting active in the Union can take a variety of forms and will mean you get access to FREE training, support, and personal and professional development: you can be proud in the knowledge that you are undertaking a role that helps teachers in their workplaces.


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