Sexual Harassment

The NASUWT is committed to challenging the sexual harassment of members. The Union secured a court victory for two members who had covert upskirt footage taken of them by a pupil while they were teaching.

NASUWT research indicates that one in five members has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace by a colleague, manager, parent or pupil since becoming a teacher.

Our research indicates that there is widespread reluctance among teachers to report harassment for fear of not being believed by employers and even when this abuse is reported, in the majority of cases, little or no effective action is taken to by employers to address the harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can take many forms, but can include:

  • sexual comments or jokes;
  • suggestive looks, staring or leering;
  • propositions and sexual advances;
  • intrusive comments about a person’s private or sex life;
  • unwelcome touching,
  • sending sexually explicit emails, text messages or social media posts;
  • sexual assault, stalking and indecent exposure.

If a person’s behaviour is unwanted and is of a sexual nature, then it is sexual harassment. It does not matter whether other colleagues in your workplace find the person’s behaviour acceptable or whether the incident is a one-off or repeated behaviour. If it makes you feel intimidated, uncomfortable or degraded, then it is harassment. 

The NASUWT encourages all members to contact the Union for support if they are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

The NASUWT will have no hesitation in taking action in schools where sexual harassment is occurring and where employers fail to operate a zero-tolerance approach.

If you are experiencing harassment, please contact us:

England [email protected]
Northern Ireland [email protected]
Scotland [email protected]
Wales [email protected]

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