Women Teachers

The NASUWT organises a range of campaigns and activities to support women teachers and the Union’s National Women’s Advisory Committee has informed policy development on issues of concern to women members, including commissioning research on the pay and careers of women teachers and supporting campaigns on a range of issues such as violence against women and the under-representation of women in the political arena.

The mini hubs below draw together advice and information on a range of different issues under three broad headings and currently include:

  • Violence Against Women and Girls: domestic abuse, forced marriage, sexual harassment and our campaign for the ‘Elimination of Violence Against Women’

  • Women’s Health and Wellbeing: the menopause and our campaign ‘Valuing Maternity’

  • Women's Rights at Work: flexible working, women's representation and pensions inequality

The hubs are being expanded to include other areas of concern to women, such as FGM, endometriosis and the gender pay gap.



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