The NASUWT Benevolent Fund is available to members, former members, the dependants of members and former members, and dependants of deceased members, provided a subscription has been paid to the Union.

Sometimes, members experience financial hardship through no fault of their own and as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

These situations can arise because of chronic illness, bereavement, an accident or loss of employment through dismissal or redundancy.

The NASUWT Benevolent Fund was created to provide effective short-term assistance during such difficulties.

Any member wishing to access the NASUWT Benevolent Fund should email their Local Association Secretary or National/Regional Centre. Alternatively, you can email the Legal and Casework Team directly.

Arrangements will be made for a Benevolence Visitor to visit you to complete the application form on your behalf.

All information will remain strictly confidential.

Other possible sources of help

For those members who have accumulated large or unmanageable debts, the Benevolent Fund provides access to a money advice service through PayPlan. PayPlan is a free and confidential debt advice company which can provide advice on difficulties with debt and how best to manage such situations.

Members should also seek to maximise their income by ensuring they are in receipt of any state benefits to which they are entitled. You can contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau to speak to an experienced advisor about your eligibility for state benefits.