Helpful Information for Benevolence Visitors

It is of great importance that Benevolence Visitors have sight of all evidence of income and expenditure of the whole household when completing the benevolence application form.

It is expected that all visits will be undertaken by trained Benevolence Visitors from the Local Association that the applicant is affiliated to. However, this is not always possible or practical.

Visitors must be careful not to provide financial advice to members and if visitors have any questions or queries regarding a visit that they have undertaken, the Legal and Casework Team will be happy to provide advice. Please note that applicants to the Fund should not complete their own application form.

For a current list of Benevolence Visitors training days, please contact the Equality and Training Team on 0121 453 6150.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust provides helpful and practical advice for Benevolence Visitors on personal safety when undertaking visits alone. For further information, please visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website (new window).

There are certain exceptions where the Fund cannot provide financial assistance to members:

  • where an applicant has in excess of £5000 in savings;
  • to assist with legal fees;
  • to assist with private medical/dental care;
  • to assist with private school fees, education courses or house purchase;
  • to repay borrowed money from a relative/friend;
  • to assist with the repayment of a student loan or to assist students with general living expenses