Benevolent Federations

There are seven Benevolent Federations operating within the UK and further Federations are currently under construction.

The purpose of a Federation is to offer geographically even coverage of Benevolence Visitors and support throughout the country, thereby providing a more effective service for members.

Benevolent Federations provide a vital link to vulnerable members who may require assistance when completing the relevant paperwork.

Benevolent Federations have the authority to issue a grant of up to £500 for members in hardship (an additional £300 compared to Local Associations).

An application form will need to be completed before the additional £300 non-repayable grant can be issued to the member.

All such completed applications must be forwarded to the Legal and Casework Team to be kept in the central filing system and a copy should also be kept locally.

However, if the assistance required by the member exceeds £500, it will be necessary for the benevolence application to be forwarded to the Legal and Casework Team for further consideration.

Federations are requested to confirm whether the application requires further assessment or whether it can simply be filed.