As we continue to press the Government for more investment and action to address issues of teacher workload and working time, we are providing members with the means to take control

Time for a Limit is a part of the NASUWT’s campaign to secure a Better Deal for Teachers on workload, working conditions, wellbeing and pay.

You’ve told us that workload is the single biggest concern of teachers and it is the most cited reason for teachers leaving the profession prematurely.

"The fact that teachers are losing out on an average of £15,047 a year in unpaid overtime is nothing less than daylight robbery."

Take control - take a break!

Teachers Fiona and Dinsdale talked to us about the need - and your right - to take a proper break during the school day.

As we start this academic year, and as a result of action taken by NASUWT members, we have already secured commitments from the Government to establish a national Teacher Workload Reduction Taskforce with the aim of reducing by five hours per week the working hours of teachers and headteachers.

However, it remains the case that the workload and working hours of teachers and headteachers remain too high. Evidence also confirms that this is contributing to high levels of work-related stress, anxiety and burnout, whilst also undermining educational standards.

As we continue to press the Government for more investment and action to address these issues, it is vital that members in every school use the means already available to take control of their workload and working time.

Our Time for a Limit campaign is designed to support you to:

Know your hours
Work your hours
Take a break
  • Members should already be protected by a contract of employment which will set out the number of hours they can be directed or required to work. Every member should be clear about the contractual requirements that apply in their school.

  • The majority of teachers will also be entitled to have a Directed Time Calendar which should set out the number of hours you can be directed to work by your employer, and the tasks you can be asked to undertake during that time, which should not exceed 1,265 hours per academic year (pro rata for teachers working part time).

  • Teachers should not be directed or required by their employer to undertake any work in the evenings or at weekends, Bank Holidays or during school holidays, unless there is an express requirement in their contract of employment to do so.

  • Teachers and headteachers are also entitled to a lunch break of a reasonable length during the working day, where you should not be expected to undertake any other duties, including supervising pupils.

Your rights

Teachers Andy, Fiona and Olivier explain what a directed time calendar is, how to get one and how we can help you get a fair deal on your working hours

Please use our Time for a Limit resources which include:

  • Contract Checker Tool - includes guidance on how to understand the key contractual terms, what they mean and what you should look for.

  • Directed Time Checklist and Calculator - to empower you to take control of your rights on working time and to work your proper hours.

  • Advice and support - there is advice and support available across the website to empower you to take control of your workload and working time.

If members in your school are concerned that their contractual rights and entitlements are not in place, contact the NASUWT immediately for advice and support.

If you want more influence

Your Local Association and National Executive Member(s) can support you to understand your rights at work and we have an annual programme of training and development to help build your own confidence.

The NASUWT is a member-led Union, which means you getting actively involved in your Union to support your colleagues and fellow teachers at work.

Getting active in the Union can take a variety of forms and will mean you get access to FREE training, support, and personal and professional development: you can be proud in the knowledge that you are undertaking a role that helps teachers in their workplaces.


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