The NASUWT is proud to support the TUC's annual HeartUnions week.

HeartUnions is a week of activity and celebration to highlight the good work that unions do every day to offer everyone a voice at work and demonstrating the power and value of trade unions to working people.

The NASUWT's philosophy of putting teachers first means that we campaign on behalf of the issues which matter to teachers with the aim of ensuring teachers are recognised and rewarded as highly skilled professionals and have working conditions which enable them to focus on their core role of teaching, leading teaching and learning.

NASUWT member Deborah Egglestone explains why she believes the NASUWT is the best union for teachers. 

NASUWT members have access to expert advice, legal representation, exclusive money-saving benefits and a programme of professional seminars and training

NASUWT member Heather Celik explains why members should get actively involved with their union.

Unions tackling sexual harassment 

This year HeartUnions Week has a particular focus on tackling sexual harassment at work. 

The NASUWT is committed to challenging the sexual harassment of members. The NASUWT recently secured a court victory for two members who had covert upskirt footage taken of them by a pupil while they were teaching.

NASUWT research indicates that one in five members has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace by a colleague, manager, parent or pupil since becoming a teacher.

Our sexual harasssment webpage has resources, advice and further support for members.

The NASUWT is suporting a call by the TUC for the Government to create a legal duty on employers to take all reasonable steps to protext workers from sexual harrassment. You can sign the petition at the link at the top right of the page.