All employers, including schools, have a legal duty to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.

While violent attacks on teachers are thankfully rare, they do sadly occur and therefore employers must respond to the risks. This will normally involve the completion of a risk assessment. However, it is important that employers are proactive in this process and carry out a risk assessment of any potentially violent or abusive pupils.

The NASUWT has produced tailored guidance for members, Representatives and school leaders to assist with the risk assessment process. Please use the links on the right/below to access nation-specific advice.

Pupils transferring from other schools

Where a pupil with a history of violence or potential violence transfers from another school, the schools involved should liaise to ensure that all relevant information is shared with the receiving school.

A new risk assessment should then be prepared and shared with all relevant staff, which will normally be any member of staff who is likely to come into contact with the pupil. It is important that a new risk assessment is prepared, rather than using an existing one, as it is highly likely that circumstances and systems will be different in the new school.