Teachers‘ Pay Award 2023 (England)

While members who responded to the consultative survey largely accepted the STRB pay award recommendation being implemented in full, they do not believe that it is sufficient redress for the impact of more than a decade of real-terms pay cuts, where the value of teachers’ pay has declined by more than 25% since 2010.

Teachers’ pay in 2023/24

The STRB’s 33rd Report making recommendations on teachers’ pay for 2023/24 was published in July 2023.

The Report makes the following pay recommendations:

  • a 6.5% uplift to all pay points and allowances for both teachers and leaders;

  • a higher uplift (up to 7.1%) to M1 pay points in the London Fringe and the rest of England to reach the Government’s commitment of £30,000 starting salaries.

The Government has announced that it will be accepting these recommendations in full.

The STRB also gave their observations on broader structural issues relating to teachers’ pay and conditions. DfE officials will now consider these observations in due course.

The STRB Report makes the following observations/advice:

The existing obligation on schools to operate performance-related pay progression should be withdrawn, pending further work.

  • Further collaborative action to deliver a meaningful reduction in workload is a priority.

  • In future, targeting remuneration to address particular workforce challenges should be considered.

  • Further work to develop career pathways and supporting structures should proceed as soon as practicable.

  • Detailed equality and inclusion data should be reported annually.

The DfE has published a draft 2023 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD), which is open for consultation until 21 September 2023.

STRB consultees are also invited to respond to the STRB’s 33rd Report. The NASUWT will be responding to both consultations.

As an urgent priority, the NASUWT is pressing for ministerial-level negotiations to address members’ concerns about the pay award and operation of the pay system, which the STRB has identified as a result of the NASUWT’s evidence.

As a key element of these negotiations, the NASUWT expects the Government to agree a programme of pay restoration that will deliver a Better Deal for England’s Teachers.

The NASUWT remains in dispute with the Government over its failure to secure pay restoration for all teachers and to address members’ concerns over excessive workload and long working hours.

The NASUWT’s evidence to the STRB and the STRB’s 33rd Report are available on the right/below.

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