England Pay Award

School Teachers' Review Body awards 2.75% pay increase for 2019/20

The NASUWT will campaign for all teachers to receive this and also a substantial pay increase in future years.

The School Teachers' Review Body (STRB)'s 29th Report was published on 22 July 2019, recommending the teachers' pay award for 2019/20.

The report includes a stark message from the STRB about the decline in teachers' salary levels since 2010, about which the NASUWT provided evidence to the STRB:

A decade of relative decline has taken the teachers' national pay framework too low in relation to the graduate labour market and the wider economy.

The STRB's conclusion is that 'this steady decline in the competitiveness of the teachers' pay framework is a significant contributor to teacher supply difficulties. Until it is reversed, these difficulties will continue.'

The STRB has concluded that 'without action this year to improve the competitiveness of the teachers' pay framework, there will be further deterioration in the state of teacher supply' and has recommended a 2.75% pay increase on all teachers’ pay ranges and allowances for 2019/20.

The Secretary of State for Education has proposed that 2.75% be added to the minimum and maximum of the teachers' pay ranges and allowances in the 2019 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD). This begins a period of consultation which closes on 13 September 2019.

The NASUWT has condemned the late publication by the Secretary of State for Education of the Review Body’s Report which means that teachers will not receive an annual pay award until their October pay packets at the earliest.

The Government’s proposal on the 2019/20 pay award falls far short of the NASUWT's demand for a pay increase for teachers which will restore the 20% real-terms cut in teachers’ pay since 2010.

Nonetheless, the NASUWT expects that all teachers will receive a 2019/20 pay increase of 2.75%, separate from any performance pay increase, and will campaign and take action to ensure that this is the case. The NASUWT has published its 2019/20 pay scales in which all pay values are increased by 2.75%.

Please note:

  • The Government’s flexibilities, which the NASUWT opposes, mean that schools and academy trusts can choose not to pay the 2.75% increase to all teachers.
  • The final level of the teachers' pay increase will not be confirmed until after the close of the consultation on the Secretary of State's proposed response to the STRB, on 13 September 2019.
  • Members are therefore advised to confirm the level of their 2019 pay increase with their school. If the school does not confirm a 2.75% pay increase, separate from any performance pay increase, members are advised to contact the NASUWT for assistance on advice@mail.nasuwt.org.uk.