England and Wales Pay Award

2018 pay award

The STRB’s 28th Report was published in July 2018. The Report and the NASUWT’s commentary on this are available on the right/below.

Following consideration of the NASUWT’s Evidence, the STRB recommended a pay increase for 2018/19 of 3.5% to all teacher pay scales and allowances.

In responding to the STRB’s Recommendations, the Secretary of State for Education took the unacceptable step of departing from this recommendation by proposing a differentiated pay award for teachers as follows:

  1. 3.5% to the minimum and maximum of the unqualified pay range and main pay range;
  2. 2% to the minimum and maximum of the upper pay range, leading practitioner pay range and all allowances;
  3. 1.5% to the minimum and maximum of the leadership pay ranges.

The NASUWT made a robust response to the Secretary of State’s proposals opposing his intention not to implement the STRB’s pay award in full.

In September 2018, the Secretary of State confirmed that his proposal will be adopted by the Government and the 2018 Teachers’ Pay Order was laid in Parliament. Details are given in the STRB Briefings on the right, together with information about the Teachers’ Pay Grant which schools in England and Wales will receive.

The NASUWT expects that all schools and academies will deliver the pay award in full to all teachers and school leaders.

The 2018/19 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) was published on 14 September 2018.

Pay cap

In recent years, the STRB has held the Government to account for the worsening pay and conditions of teachers, leading to the STRB recommending the breaking of the one per cent pay cap for teachers in 2017/18 in its 27th Report, a recommendation which was accepted by the Secretary of State for Education.

Following this, the Government lifted the one per cent cap on teachers’ pay.

What is the STRB?

The School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) is the pay review body for teachers in England and Wales.

It published its first report in 1992, replacing the failed Burnham Committee which had seen teachers’ pay and conditions worsen. The STRB’s First Report rejected the Government’s request for flexible pay systems and performance-related pay and instead awarded all teachers a 7.5% pay increase.

The NASUWT values the STRB because it demonstrates its independence from Government, reviews the evidence submitted, and makes its recommendations accordingly.