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In Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, it’s tradition for a young girl to have her genitals cut – a procedure known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It’s meant to prepare her for marriage. In reality, it leaves her vulnerable to recurrent pain, HIV infection and a lifetime of medical complications.

This decision is being made for girls when they are as young as four. They will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

FGM is illegal in Burkina Faso and about to be made illegal in Sierra Leone, but the fact is it will continue as long as parents, community leaders and others continue to see tradition as more important than girls’ rights.

Amnesty International is working with schools to make sure every girl knows her rights, and knows how to claim them. And we’re working with communities to build support among parents and traditional leaders, so that they speak up for girls’ rights when it matters most – and commit to ending these harmful practices.

The revolution has started. But it won’t succeed without support.

Will you join the revolution? 

Donate today and you could help to end FGM in Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso once and for all.

To donate please visit www.amnesty.org.uk/NASUWTRevolution or call 0207 033 1777.


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