The NASUWT supports Justice for Colombia in its campaigns for human rights, workers’ rights and the search for social justice in Colombia.

The NASUWT has called for ‘immediate protection measures’ following new death threats against FECODE Executive Committee members.

Letters to the Colombian President, the UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Americas, and the British Ambassador to Colombia affirming the NASUWT’s belief that the ‘Colombian Government is responsible for ensuring the safety and the physical integrity’ of the FECODE Executive can be downloaded on the right/below.

The international trade union organisation Education International (EI) has condemned the ongoing violence against trade unionists and human rights defenders in Colombia, where hundreds of activists and at least 18 trade unionists were killed in 2020.

EI is formed of around 400 separate education trade unions from 172 different countries, representing around 30 million members. Teachers are among the trade unionists most impacted by violence, threats and other forms of aggression in Colombia.

The EI resolution also criticises the Government of President Iván Duque over its weak response to the crisis, while also accusing his party, the Democratic Centre, of attacking democratic rights.

The NASUWT supported the EI resolution condemning violence against teacher trade unionists at the most recent EI congress.