Woodard Academies Trust Joint Consultation and Negotiation Committee

Our last meeting of the WAT JCNC took place at Sanctuary Buildings, Westminster on 30 September 2015 where WAT confirmed schoolteacher’s cost of living pay award for 2015/16.

The NASUWT has reached agreement over a trade union facility agreement (TUFA), which commits WAT to paying into local authority facility pots. That means that should the need arise NASUWT members will be supported in full by elected NASUWT officers and full time officials.

The NASUWT has proposed and reached agreement with WAT to ensure that health and safety in the workplace is established as a standing item on the agenda.

The meeting of WAT JCNC is on 26 January 2016, where the NASUWT will be negotiating a 'Leave of Absence Policy' and ICT Policy.

The NASUWT will be reviewing policies on pay, appraisal and TURA in 2016.

All the policies agreed by the NASUWT at the WAT JNC are attached on the right. If you require any further assistance contact your NASUWT regional centre or Rednal for advice.

Teachers' Cost of Living Award Pay 2015/16

The WAT have agreed to pay 1% uplift to all WAT teachers across all points on all scales in addition to 2% for M6.

It is important that all NASUWT members continue to monitor the use of the WAT 'appraisal policy' in their school and report any concerns as soon as possible to your local NASUWT representative once you have raised your concerns at school level.

Learning walks and drop-ins have not been agreed as having any part in the WAT appraisal process.

In the WAT policy we have agreed a maximum of three hours lesson observations 'for all purposes'. The NASUWT has negotiated at WAT JNC an assurance that all WAT academies will monitor pay progression to ensure full compliance with equalities legislation.

The NASUWT Member Support Advice (MSA) Team

The NASUWT also has a new service called the Member Support Advice (MSA) Team that provides professional advice. They will provide you with telephone numbers and which of the above would be your appropriate point of contact, as well as providing advice.

The NASUWT has raised concerns with WAT regarding the lack of an agreed protocol on Classroom Observations. The appraisal policy states, ‘The number of objectives is not prescribed but in normal circumstances this will be three in number’. The NASUWT opposes the use of any additional criteria to determine pay progression.

NB: Any review or change to any WAT policy agreed at the WAT JNCC can only take place through negotiation and collective bargaining at the WAT JNCC.