National Recognition Agreement

The National Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) is where the NASUWT meets with Oasis Community Learning Academies to negotiate on pay and conditions of service issues and on policies and procedures for OCL teachers.

The NASUWT has negotiated a trade union recognition agreement (TURA) and a facility time agreement (TUFA) with OCL.  

The NASUWT met with OCL at the National Joint Committee on 16 June 2017. The NASUWT was unable to reach agreement on the ‘new’ disciplinary procedure as OCL included an additional ‘OCL Code of Conduct’, as well as Teaching Standards making disciplinary action potentially more likely.

The NASUWT has proposed that the code of conduct be deleted and awaits the final draft from OCL.

OCL will circulate a copy of their current health and safety report to trade unions


The NASUWT has raised serious concerns around workload in OCL academies. OCL has agreed to carry out a workload survey across all its academies in the summer term and to feed back to the NASUWT. The Union has highlighted examples of good practice initiatives already being taken forward in some schools.


The NASUWT has not agreed the Code of Conduct Policy, which OCL have included in their disciplinary policy, and if members have concerns about this they should contact their local NASUWT Representatives.


The NASUWT has submitted a pay claim for NASUWT on behalf of NASUWT members which can be found on the right/below.

At the next OCL NJC meeting on 27 October 2017, the NASUWT has requested that the 2017/18 pay claim, Pay and Performance Management policies be included on the agenda.

Any reviews or changes to any OCL policy agreed at the OCL JNC can only take place through negotiation and collective bargaining at the OCL JNC.