The Learning in Harmony Trust (LiHT) Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) last met on 28 June 2017. Prior to the JNC, the NASUWT met with Gary Wilkie, CEO of Learning in Harmony Trust. The NASUWT has agreed both a Trade Union Recognition Agreement (TURA) and a Trade Union Facility Time Agreement (TUFA). LiHT confirmed they adhere to the STPCD and the Burgundy Book, although LiHT currently has an 11-point mainscale and a five-point Upper Pay Spine (UPS). The NASUWT nationally has not agreed to these changes to STPCD pay scales as they present a potential detriment to members' pay progression.

The NASUWT has provided LiHT with a template to ensure the effective monitoring of pay progression data in future.

At the LiHT JNC, it was agreed to set up a Health and Safety (H&S) working party which will focus on the rigour of H&S audits.

Pay Claim 2017/18

LiHT acknowledged the NASUWT pay claim submitted on behalf of NASUWT members for 2017/18. LiHT complimented the NASUWT on the quality of the NASUWT pay submission and supported the principle of our claim. LiHT did commit to at least matching the DfE recommendation on pay following the STRB Report.


LiHT is committed to harmonising policies and has in the past adopted Newham local authority policies under TUPE arrangements. The NASUWT is currently negotiating a review of the sickness absence and grievance policies. In addition, the NASUWT is awaiting capability and disciplinary policies from LiHT which are up for review in September 2017.

Non-contractual Benefit

LiHT pay into ‘Perk Box’ for all staff at £2 per month, which staff can then benefit from by helping to pay for cinema tickets or items from Amazon.