The trade unions have not agreed to the implementation of the Enquire Appraisal and Pay Policies.

The NASUWT’s most recent meeting with the Enquire Learning Trust (Enquire) JNC was on 24th February 2016. Enquire has taken over three new primary schools in Tameside and is working with the RSC to develop a cluster in the Scarborough and Whitby area. Enquire is looking to expand up to a maximum of 35 schools. Enquire wants to harmonise pensions arrangements.

Enquire intends to invite all local trade union representatives to develop industrial relations by arranging a meeting.

In future all policies will include the words, ‘this policy applies to all staff but if there are more advantageous terms these will be respected’ under TUPE transfer.

A full asbestos survey of buildings is to be conducted.

NB: The NASUWT and trade union colleagues have rejected the Enquire Pay and Appraisal Policies and advise NASUWT members who were eligible to progress and did not to contact the NASUWT for advice (see below).

Enquire is intent on imposing the pay appraisal policy without the agreement of the trade unions.

The Enquire appraisal policy currently sets no limit on objectives or observations and imposes additional hurdles (e.g. career stage expectations). Enquire has not completed a workload assessment of this policy.

The pay policy does not provide the Enquire pay scales and imposes additional hurdles to suppress teachers’ pay progression by using the Teachers' Standards as a checklist and imposing additional career stage expectation above and beyond the Teachers' Standards or agreed objectives.

As you will be aware, the NASUWT is on national industrial action. The current imposed pay and appraisal policies breach the national industrial action instructions circulated to members. The NASUWT informed Enquire that any imposed policies that did not conform to the joint pay policy and checklists on appraisal and lesson observations could lead to a collective dispute.

The NASUWT Member Support Advice (MSA) Team

The NASUWT also has a service called the Member Support Advice (MSA) Team that provides professional advice on telephone number 03330 145550. They will provide you with telephone numbers and appropriate points of contact, as well as providing instant advice.