The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT) is a charitable multi-academy trust focusing on primary academies.

TEFAT state their intentions to ‘maintain a family of schools that is uncompromising in its search for excellence and in its commitment to searching for and sharing emerging next practice across its academies’.

Pay and Conditions in Elliot Foundation Academies

TEFAT has agreed to maintain STPCD and Burgundy Book arrangements and has undertaken not to move away from those arrangements without prior consultation and negotiation with the trade unions.

National Recognition Agreement

The NASUWT has negotiated a trade union recognition agreement (TURA) with TEFAT for consultation and collective bargaining purposes (see right/below). This provides the necessary structures for the NASUWT to meet with Elliot Academies at both academy and national level in Joint Committees (NJNCC).

The National Joint Committee is where the NASUWT meets with TEFAT to negotiate on pay and conditions of service issues and on policies and procedures for teachers and other Elliot Academies staff. It also provides for collective consultation at individual academy level, as well as time off with pay and facility time for trade union time for representatives.

Employment Policies and Procedures

The NASUWT will now be entering into discussions with the Trust in respect of a range of employment policies and procedures.
At the next meeting, we will be discussing:

  • Performance Management Review;
  • Family Friendly Policies;
  • Whistleblowing Policy.

The NASUWT nationally has agreed regular meeting dates with the employer.