The NASUWT with the other school workforce trade unions have negotiated a trade union recognition agreement with E-ACT for consultation and collective bargaining purposes. This provides the necessary structures for the NASUWT to meet with EACT at a national level and on a regular basis in the E-ACT Academies National Joint Council (NJC).

The NJC is where the trade unions meet with E-ACT to negotiate on pay, conditions of service issues and on policies and procedures for teachers and other E-ACT staff.

If you transferred your employment to E-ACT from a predecessor school that was subsequently replaced by an E-ACT academy, the policies and procedures that were in operation at your previous school will apply where there is a contractual entitlement for this to happen.

Agreed E-ACT Policies

The NASUWT has agreed the E-ACT policies available on the right/below. All E-ACT policies which are not available on this webpage have not been agreed with the NASUWT.

Advice should be sought from your Local Association Secretary or Regional Centre to confirm which policy or procedure will apply to you.

Teachers' Pay in E-ACT Academies

The NASUWT seeks to ensure that members in academy schools have, at least, the equivalent pay award to teachers in other maintained schools. Teachers working in an E-ACT academy should continue to receive the same pay increase and benefits as teachers in the maintained sector.