The NASUWT has agreed a number of family-friendly policies including Adoption, Maternity, Paternity, Parental Leave and Shared Parental Leave at the Delta JNC. The Shared Parental Leave policy provides for paid leave of four weeks at 90% and twelve weeks at 50% of pay – a very positive aspect of the policy.

The NASUWT raised serious concerns around workload in Delta MAT including members being required to attend a curriculum conference on a Saturday, deep marking and excessive assessment policies. Helen Hunt, NASUWT Delta Casework Officer shared the NASUWT ‘Workload Survey’ with Delta which affirmed those and additional workload issues.

The vast majority of NASUWT members who responded to the survey felt that Delta MAT was responsible for the increased workload reaching unreasonable levels, something which had not been the case under the Schools Partnership Trust. Delta has agreed to consider the survey and look at ways of monitoring workload in Delta academies.

Delta welcomed the NASUWT ‘Respect Posters’ and will be using them in future but include all recognised trade unions logos.

NB: Delta has responded to our concerns raised about the ‘curriculum conference’ with categorical assurances that our members will not be required to attend.

Teachers' Cost of Living Pay Award 2016-17

Delta has agreed to pay 1% uplift to all Delta teachers across all points on all scales.

The NASUWT has negotiated an appraisal policy and lesson observations protocol that conforms to the NASUWT Model Pay Policy and Checklist. It is important that all members monitor the implementation of the 'appraisal policy' in your school and report any concerns as soon as possible to your local NASUWT representative once you have raised them at school level.

In the Delta policy, we have agreed a maximum of three hours' lesson observations 'for all purposes'. Any school-based 'Quality Assurance Policy' must not be accepted as none have been agreed or discussed at the Delta JNCC. Any such school-based policy should be referred immediately to your NASUWT Delta representatives or to your NASUWT Regional Centre if it breaches any of those policies posted on the NASUWT website.

NB: Any review or change to any Delta policy agreed at the Delta JNCC can only take place through negotiation and collective bargaining at the Delta JNCC.