The NASUWT last met with the Co-operative Academies Trust (CAT) at the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) on 12 July 2017.


All policies that have been agreed with the NASUWT can be found on the drop down list on the right-hand side of this page. If you cannot find a particular policy in the list, then it has not been agreed by the NASUWT.

The NASUWT agreed policies at the meeting on Code of Conduct, Driving at Work, Anti-Slavery and CCTV, but was unable to agree the CAT Managing Change Policy. As a principle, the NASUWT could not agree to a policy that potentially could result in an NASUWT member being made redundant. The NASUWT noted the policy.

CAT promised to provide the union with an executive report on the monitoring of health and safety data for 2016/17. The NASUWT has agreed the Trust's policy statement on health and safety.

NB: All Safety Representatives should be invited and take a full role in all health and safety audits at CAT academies.

The CAT Workload Group will be reviewing relevant issues in academies following the initial review in autumn 2016. At its next meeting, the CAT board is discussing a possible Kirpan Policy.

The NASUWT is currently negotiating new performance management and pay policies for 2017/18.

CAT has now changed its logo to the one which heads the column on the right/below.

Pay Claim 2017/18

CAT thanked the NASUWT for their pay claim submitted on behalf of NASUWT members for 2017/18. CAT complimented the NASUWT on the quality of the NASUWT pay submission and supported the principle of our claim. CAT did commit to at least matching the DfE recommendation on pay following the 27th STRB Report.

CAT Academies Update

CAT has been requested by the DfE to consider a number of schools, including primaries in Salford and Failsworth which should join in September 2017, making a total of 11 academies.

The NASUWT Member Support Advice (MSA) Team

The NASUWT also has a service called the Member Support Advice (MSA) Team that provides professional advice on telephone number 03330 145550. They will provide you with telephone numbers and which of the above would be your appropriate point of contact as well as providing instant advice.