The NASUWT met with CMAT during the Spring term 2016 to continue our negotiations with representatives of the academy trust on a range of policies, including:

  • Pay;
  • Appraisal;
  • Grievance;
  • Management of Sickness Absence;
  • Disciplinary

These policies have been the subject of detailed discussions with the NASUWT.

The union has secured substantial revisions to the Grievance Procedure which has resulted in the policy being agreed.

Whilst it still remains the case that the NASUWT has not agreed the Trust’s pay and appraisal policies, there is ongoing and constructive dialogue that has already secured a number of significant improvements. 

The NASUWT will reserve judgement until the revisions have been made and final drafts circulated. 

Workplace meetings and support

The NASUWT will arrange meetings with NASUWT members at your school in the forthcoming academic year on request. If you have any concerns either individually or collectively you should contact the NASUWT. If you do not have an NASUWT representative in your school contact your local, federation or negotiating secretary for advice or your NASUWT regional centre.

The NASUWT also has a new service called the Member Support Advice (MSA) Team that provides professional advice on 03330 145550. They will provide you with telephone numbers and which of the above would be your appropriate point of contact as well as providing instant advice.

The NASUWT has a National Negotiating Official, Paul Watkins, who is the Union's representative at all meetings with CMAT. Members working for CMAT can contact him for advice at

Teachers' Cost of Living Pay Award 2015/16

CMAT agreed to pay 2 % uplift to all CMAT teachers. This is a significant and positive step that should be applauded.

If you require further advice contact the NASUWT Member Support Advice (MSA) team on 03330 145550.