2018/19 pay award for teachers

The Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT) followed the recommendation from the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and paid staff:

  • 3.5% on the Main Scale on all points of the scale;
  • 2% on the Upper Pay Scale on all points of the scale;
  • 1.5% on the Leadership Pay Scale;
  • 2% on the Leading Practitioner Scale;
  • 2% on all allowances. 

Pay progression data

CMAT has now analysed the pay progression data for 2018/19 which and the overall progression rate across the Trust is 87.3%

Sexual Harassment

The NASUWT raised the issue of sexual harassment and that consideration is given by the Trust to having a separate policy addressing this, or an addendum to other policies (e.g. dignity at work).

Trust policies

CMAT brought a number of policies to the meeting for note, including:

  • Dignity at work
  • Maternity policy – the NASUWT asked the Trust to consider enhancing provisions. This might be considered, although the Trust cited that there might need to be a trade-off.
  • Teachers’ capability:
    • The final version has been sent out, but this has not been agreed with the NASUWT for a number of reasons, notably:
      • Timescales and the plan should be agreed and should not be any less than 13 weeks;
      • Protections for those staff with less than two years’ experience;
      • Only the headteacher should invoke the capability process and hear evidence; and
      • Only two formal stages in the capability procedure
  • Teachers’ appraisal
    • This is now with the Trust Board and the final version has not been agreed with the NASUWT for a number, including:
      • More depth about the fact that the PM process is separate to capability and that any concerns relate to those where there is clear and substantial evidence that they have not been addressed informally through normal everyday management within the school; and 
  • No right of appeal about decisions made in the informal process.

Whilst some are still subject to further consultation, it remains the case that none of the policies identified above have been agreed with the NASUWT.