The Aspirations Academy Trust (AAT) is a charitable multi-academy trust focusing on academies across Banbury, Bournemouth, Poole, Feltham. A list of their academy schools can be found on their website.

The NASUWT last met with the employer on 23 May 2017. AAT continues to reject the TUC Model Academies Agreement on Facility Time (TUFA). The Trust proposed meeting with Acas for conciliation purposes over the Trade Union Facility Time Agreement (TUFA). It is important to note that the NASUWT has been unable to agree some key policies with the Trust, notably pay and appraisal.

The NASUWT continues to stress the importance of collaborative working between the employer and the NASUWT to reach agreement on all policies.

The NASUWT has negotiated a Trade Union Recognition Agreement (TURA) with AAT for consultation and collective bargaining purposes.

Pay and Conditions in Aspirations Academies

The NASUWT has submitted a pay claim on behalf of members to AAT for 2017/18. The NASUWT’s pay claim is for a substantial increase to all teacher salary points and allowances in 2017/18. The NASUWT has presented detailed evidence to support this claim.

The pay and conditions in AAT Tech City and London colleges do not follow STPCD conditions.


The NASUWT has not agreed the Pay or Performance Management (PM) policies. The policies do not comply with the NASUWT model policies and checklists. They exceed three hours/three observations for an academic year; use ‘learning walks’ as observations; include mock Ofsted inspections; have career stage descriptors that must be met for progression purposes; impose appraisal objectives for all teachers and have additional appraisal objective in respect of TLR roles. The NASUWT believe this to be a demoralising and demotivating document that is an extreme example of bad practice.

The AAT Pay Policy is totally unacceptable because the PM policy still has the opportunity for excessive observations which could raise barriers to pay progression.


The NASUWT has previously raised serious concerns around workload in AAT academies. AAT has agreed to undertake a workload review in June/July 2017. 

Any reviews or changes to any AAT policy agreed at the AAT JNCC can only take place through negotiation and collective bargaining at the AAT JNCC.