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NEW - Escalation of Industrial Action

Due to the failure of the employers to make any progress in relation to pay, the NASUWT will escalate industrial action from Thursday 9 March.

NASUWT members in Northern Ireland’s further education colleges have been in continuous industrial action since 13 May 2021. Members are instructed to refuse to:

  1. attend meetings that are not contractually required;

  2. teach or attend meetings or other events outside their contracted working hours;

  3. attend meetings or undertake other non-contracted activities, e.g. travelling between sites, during lunch breaks;

  4. undertake cover for absent colleagues;

  5. engage in additional duties without additional remuneration;

  6. undertake any voluntary activities;

  7. undertake activities affected by industrial action by NASUWT members or by industrial action by members of other trade unions;

  8. reschedule activities as previously agreed in the timetable or calendar.

Escalation of industrial action - part 1

From 1 November 2021, NASUWT members have also been instructed to refuse to:
  1. participate in graduation days and parents’ evenings;

  2. complete any duplication activities they would have ordinarily undertaken on goodwill, such as recording of the same marks in different locations;

  3. read or reply to emails outside working hours;

  4. attend meetings that have not been agreed and quantified in the programme of work;

  5. undertake activities that have not been agreed and quantified in the programme of work.

Escalation of industrial action - part 2

From 9 March 2023, NASUWT members have been instructed to refuse to:

  1. co-operate with ETI inspections;

  2. participate in or use the EBS system and will maintain registers in other formats;

  3. co-operate with the DfE’s FE Review.