Teachers’ Pay Agreement 2021-2023

9 April 2024: The Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council formally accepted the Management Side’s offer for teachers’ pay for 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24 at the Teachers’ Negotiating Committee.

Details of the new pay agreement can be found on the Department of Education’s website and in the pay Circulars.

26 March 2024: A meeting was scheduled to ratify the pay offer but was put on hold.

21 March 2024: NASUWT members vote to accept the terms of the pay offer.

11 March 2024: A formal offer was made to the NASUWT and other unions consisting of 1% for 2021/22, 5% for 2022/23 and 4.1% plus £1000 for 2023/24.

3 February 2024: A new Northern Ireland Executive was elected.

18 January 2024: NASUWT members take part in a full day of strike action across Northern Ireland.

8 January 2024: The NASUWT has announced a further day of strike action on Thursday 18 January. The letters to members can be found on the right/below.

29 November 2023: A further half day of strike action took place with pickets outside all schools.

20 November 2023: The NASUWT has announced a further half day of strike action on Wednesday 29 November. The letters to members can be found on the right/below.

26 April 2023: A further day of strike action took place with a rally in Belfast, as seen in the footage below. Updated Industrial Action FAQs that took effect on 3 April 2023 can be found on the right/below.

An inspiring and moving round-up of our Northern Ireland members’ reasons for taking strike action, produced by NASUWT Senior Vice-President Ronan Sharkey on 26 April

NASUWT NI members stood with our sister unions today and sent a strong message that we need a Better Deal for Teachers and Lecturers. Our Senior Vice-President Ronan Sharkey put together this video of the day.

Posted by NASUWT Northern Ireland on Wednesday, 26 April 2023

22 March 2023: The NASUWT has contacted members and employers to notify them of a new set of action instructions which will take effect from 3 April.

25 January 2023: The NASUWT has notified all members in grant-aided schools and those employed directly by the Education Authority on teachers’ terms and conditions that they are to take half a day of strike action on 21 February 2023. Please note this includes NASUWT members employed in special schools.

8 November: A new version of instruction 22 has been issued to all schools which takes effect from 21 November. The instruction is as follows:

22. Members will undertake to prepare, plan and assess for their pupils at a time and place of their choosing. Pre-existing duty arrangements which are related to safeguarding of pupils (e.g. school bus duties) are exempt from action.

26 October: The Union wrote to all members to notify them not to follow instruction 22 until the new version has been formally notified to the employers and the required period of notification has passed.

18 October: The Union issued a notice of escalation of industrial action in all grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland.

These instructions took effect from 31 October.

28 September: A new instruction 14 was issued on 28 September instructing members to take the following action from 6 October in addition to the existing instructions.

14. NASUWT members will not accept the direction of the principal to undertake any other activity in lieu of attendance at meetings and, outside timetabled pupil session times, members may carry out their duties at the location of their choice.

27 April: The NASUWT issued action short of strike action instructions to all members in grant-aided schools instructing them to follow our action short of strike action instructions.

Ask your representatives to support our campaign for a Better Deal for Northern Ireland’s Teachers

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Pay negotiations

The NASUWT, along with our sister unions in the NITC, has submitted a pay claim for 2022/23 for a cost-of-living increase of inflation plus 2%. This is in addition to the pay claim for 2021/22 of 6% which has yet to be resolved.

Please contact the Northern Ireland Office if you have any questions.

Management Side threats

At the end of the summer, Management Side made threats to deduct pay from NASUWT members taking part in action short of strike. In response, hundreds of NASUWT members made it clear that this had strengthened their resolve to follow our current action and to escalate the action up to and including strike action.

These messages have been heard loud and clear and will inform both our own deliberations and discussions with our sister unions in the coming weeks.

With your support, we will work to secure better pay and working conditions to deliver a Better Deal for Teachers.


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