Young Teachers' Consultation Conference

The NASUWT Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference will take place on Saturday 4 December 2021 and will be a webinar event.

Upcoming Conference

Highlights from the 2020 Conference

NASUWT General Secretary Address to Young Teachers Consultation Conference 2020

The first virtual NASUWT Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference took place in December 2020.

The Conference provides a safe space to network, share experiences, gain advice and support, and shape ideas for the future of the Union and the teaching profession.

Young teachers from across the UK came together in an act of solidarity and support to discuss a range of issues affecting young workers during these unprecedented times, with discussions addressing concerns in the wider workplace.

The Conference heard that during the Covid-19 pandemic, young teachers became more actively involved in the NASUWT, especially with regard to health and safety. 

The Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference 2020 heard that:

  • there is growing concern among teachers regarding future exams and testing in schools;

  • wellbeing and good mental health must be at the forefront of future campaigns;

  • schools and colleges are ‘overwhelmed’ with everything at the moment, which is leading to extreme stress and anxiety;

  • many young teachers are working in schools without trade union recognition agreements and this must be a priority for the NASUWT; and

  • now, more than ever, it is imperative that all schools and colleges have an NASUWT Workplace Representative.

The Conference discussed having a trade union presence in all workplaces and concluded that:

  • 56% of young teachers think that the work of Trade Unions is viewed as positive in schools and colleges;

  • 70% of young teachers would consider being an NASUWT Workplace Representative, now or at some point in the future;

  • 38% believe that it is simply a lack of time that prevents them from being the Workplace Representative;

  • 25% of young teachers cited work commitments as the reason they were unable to be more active in their workplace; and

  • 60% of young teachers would like more information about what ‘being active’ looks like.

The Conference concluded that the formality and language of NASUWT meetings was a deterrent for many attending.

For the avoidance of doubt, the NASUWT uses the definition ‘Young’ for members 30 years old and under.

Comments from the Conference

Being active within the NASUWT gives teachers access to skills and operational issues you might not ordinarily have access to.

Our Representatives are included in meetings and decision-making and really give the staff a voice on the SLT.

Working alongside management is beneficial to the school.

Being active has helped with my Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) position. Many tasks utilise the same skills set.