The 2022 Young Teachers’ Consultation will be a physical event and will be held on Saturday 12 November at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham.

Highlights from our 2021 Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference

The 2021 NASUWT Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference took place on Saturday 4 December 2021 with over 100 registered attendees.

The digital Conference provided a safe space to network, share experiences, gain advice and support, and shape ideas for the future of the Union and the teaching profession.

Young teachers from across the UK came together in an act of solidarity and support to discuss a range of issues affecting them during these unprecedented times.

Young members are ambitious and want a long-term teaching career in teaching. They are eager for management training and mentoring and at a time when other graduate professions offer higher starting salaries, it is imperative that the Governments listen to young teachers in order to retain their expertise within the profession.

Eighty per cent of attendees believed their career progression had been impacted over the last two years due to negative working practices brought about by the Covid pandemic.

Jane Peckham, addressing the Conference for the first time as the NASUWT Deputy General Secretary, shone a light on the work of the Union and the importance of member engagement across the UK.

The Conference offered a number of pertinent workshops for attendees which included:

  • Getting the most out of technology in schools;

  • Wellbeing: ensuring a work/life balance;

  • Online safety;

  • Supply/substitute teaching and fixed-term contracts.

The packed day also hosted a live poll of members that discussed the Covid pandemic and future support from the NASUWT.

Young Teachers’ Consultation Conference 2021 - a playlist of six videos


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