2023 Recruitment Awards

Nominations for the 2023 Recruitment Awards in the following categories are open all year round:

  • Best Engagement with Under-represented Groups Award;

  • Best Organising Activity, Communication or Communication Strategy Award;

  • Recruiter of the Year Award.

The closing date for the 2022 Awards is Friday 20 January 2023.

Please use the forms on the right/below to make as many nominations as you want.

Nominations for the Representative of the Year will be opened shortly.

Recruitment Award categories

The categories are:

Award for Best Organising Activity, Communication or Communication Strategy

This award is intended to recognise the variety and quality of organising activity and NASUWT communications at Local Association level and highlight examples of good practice that can inspire other NASUWT Representatives and activists.

Nominations can include a specific communication or a communication strategy developed or an organising activity that has contributed towards building a stronger union. Examples might include activities that have increased member engagement, recruiting and supporting activists, or a specific event or campaign.

Nominations should include:

  • a description of the organising activity, communication or strategy;
  • the purpose of the activity, communication or strategy;
  • details of the target audience, why they were selected and how;
  • evidence of how the activity had/is having a positive impact on recruitment or organising;
  • information on distribution methods;
  • information on whether the communication or organising activity achieved its purpose;
  • a description of any resources used (this may include budget, materials, people, etc.);
  • any other relevant information.

Award for Best Initiative or Campaign to Engage Under-represented Groups

This award recognises the work of Local Associations to engage, support and include members from vulnerable and under-represented groups. This includes: Black and minority ethnic (Black) members; lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) members; women members; young members: and members with a disability. Nominations should include: 

  • a description of the campaign; 
  • confirmation of the desired outcomes and aims for the activity, such as to engage and empower members, build and enhance the NASUWT in a given area, or respond to a specific issue; 
  • identification of the target audience; 
  • the timescales over which the campaign took place; 
  • a description of the resources used (this may include budget, materials, people, etc.); 
  • any other relevant information.

Recruiter of the Year Award

Nominations should include:

  • a description of what the nominee has achieved in respect of recruitment and workplace organising;
  • the impact the nominee has had on recruitment and retention;
  • details of any increase in membership or activists;
  • information concerning any positive difference made to the teachers within the school or workplace.


Representative of the Year Award

Nominations should include: 

  • details of the most significant achievements in their Representative role;
  • information concerning the difference the nominee made for NASUWT members;
  • a brief statement on why the nominee became the Workplace Representative;
  • details of how the nominee made a positive difference to teachers within the school or workplace.


2022 Recruitment Awards

The Recruitment Awards were presented at Annual Conference 2022.

2021 activists receive Recruitment Awards

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