You should not to agree or to participate in any arrangements for the implementation of any pay policy for teachers that does not conform to all the elements of the NASUWT pay policy checklist.

The NASUWT pay policy checklist and model policy are entirely consistent with the legal and regulatory provisions that schools are required to meet.

Where schools do not agree to the NASUWT pay policy checklist provision, immediate contact must be made with the NASUWT.

Purpose of the checklist

The NASUWT believes that a fair, transparent and consistent pay policy, which recognises and rewards teachers as highly skilled professionals, is a key element in effective school improvement.

School pay policies which accord with the provisions in the checklist will help to recruit, retain and motivate teachers, provide the basis for sound financial and personnel planning, and minimise the risk of grievance and discrimination.

The checklist sets out the minimum requirements for an effective pay policy and is consistent with the statutory provisions for teachers’ pay effective from 1 September 2018.

The publication of the NASUWT checklist does not represent an acceptance of changes to the teachers’ pay system introduced or proposed by the Department for Education.

The NASUWT is committed to securing a national pay structure in England and Wales which applies statutorily to all maintained schools and academies.

The NASUWT’s pay and appraisal checklists cover employers with two different approaches to teachers’ pay progression:

  • employers who follow a performance-related pay system which links pay and appraisal;

  • employers who have no link between pay and appraisal.

NASUWT Representatives should select the checklist which is relevant to their own employer. This can be ascertained from the employer’s teachers’ pay policy and NASUWT Representatives should seek advice from the Union on this if necessary.

The full checklist can be downloaded on the right/below.


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