Wales Pay Award

Welsh Government proposes 5% for teachers on the minimum of the main pay range and 2.75% for all other teachers

The Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB)'s 1st Report was published on 22 July 2019, recommending the teachers' pay award for 2019/20.  

The Review Body made eight recommendations to the Minister of Education:

  1. that the statutory minimum of the Main Pay Range (MPR) be increased by 5% and that the statutory maximum of the MPR be increased by 2.4%;
  2. that the statutory minimum and the statutory maximum of all other pay ranges (upper pay range, leadership group pay range and unqualified teachers), and all allowances be increased by 2.4%;
  3. that the current discretionary point 6a be removed, with those currently on 6a moving to the new statutory maximum of the MPR;
  4. that discretionary scale points M2-M5 on the MPR be increased to remove the detrimental effect of the 1% differential relative to points M1 and M6 that was introduced through the implementation of the 2017 pay award, and be increased by a further 2.4%;
  5. that the discretionary scale points on all other pay ranges (UPR, LGPR and unqualified teachers) be increased by 2.4%;
  6. that revised pay scales incorporating recommendations 1-5 be implemented by all local authorities and local authority maintained schools in Wales;
  7. that pay scales should become statutory and published in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Docuemnt (STPCD) for Wales. Ideally, this recommendation should be implemented for 2019 but, if not, there should be a commitment to do this for 2020 onwards;
  8. for a fundamental review of teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions of service in Wales to support the education reform agenda.

The NASUWT welcomed, in particular, the recommendation to restore pay scales and the acceptance of the NASUWT's evidence that these should remove point 6a and also retrospectively include a 2017 2% pay uplift for all teachers on M2 to M5 in the calculation of the pay values.

The Minister’s response

The Minister has proposed acceptance of Recommendation 1, to increase the minimum of the main pay range by 5%, and is also proposing to increase the pay uplift for pay values other than the minimum of the main pay range by 2.75%, rather than 2.4%.

The NASUWT supports this proposal, although the Union has observed that it does not begin to reverse the real-terms cut of 20% in teachers' pay since 2010.

The Minister has stated that Recommendations 3 to 6 cannot be accepted by Welsh Ministers and should be given further consideration by employers.

The NASUWT opposes the Minister’s proposal. It is quite clear that Recommendations 3 to 6 cover the statutory pay framework for teachers in Wales which was devolved to the Welsh Government on 30 September 2018.

When responding to the Minister's proposal, the NASUWT will be making it clear that the only way to ensure that teachers' pay in Wales does not fall below teachers' pay in England is through the adoption of national pay scales which ensure this.

The Minister is proposing not to accept Recommendation 7 but to include it in a further Review Body remit.

The NASUWT opposes the Minister’s proposal, which falls short of the commitment to include the Review Body’s statutory pay scales in the Welsh School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document by 2020 at the latest. The only way to ensure that all teachers receive the annual pay increase is by including pay scales which cover the pay of all teachers in the Welsh STPCD. 

The Minister has accepted Recommendation 8, for a fundamental review of teachers' and school leaders' pay and conditions.

The NASUWT says it is illogical to refuse to accept a recommendation from the Review Body on the teachers' pay framework because it is not a matter for Welsh Ministers and then accept this Recommendation.

The deadline for responding to the Minister's proposed response to the Review Body recommendations is 13 September 2019. The NASUWT will update members on further developments.

The NASUWT has uprated its reference pay scales for teachers in Wales by 5%/2.75% in line with the Minister's proposed response. 

Please note:

  • The flexibilities in the teachers' pay framework, which the NASUWT opposes, mean that schools can choose not to pay the 2.75% increase to all teachers.
  • The final level of the teachers' pay increase will not be confirmed until after the close of the consultation on the Minister’s proposed response to the Review Body, on 13 September 2019.
  • Members are therefore advised to confirm the level of their 2019 pay increase with their school. If the school does not confirm a 5% pay increase for all teachers on the minimum of the main pay range and a 2.75% pay increase for all teachers above the minimum of the main pay range, separate from any performance pay increase, members are advised to contact the NASUWT for assistance on