Teachers in Wales to receive a pay increase of 1.75% in 2021/22

The NASUWT responds to the recommendations in the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body’s 3rd Report and the Minister for Education’s response.

The Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) published its 3rd Report on 11 June 2021 and the Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, has responded to this.

The IWPRB has made 12 recommendations and the Minister has indicated that he is minded to accept all of them.

Consultees had until 9 July 2021 to respond to the IWPRB’s report, the Minister’s response and the draft 2021 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document (STPC(W)D), and the NASUWT is responding to the IWPRB’s recommendations.

The most significant IWPRB recommendation is that all teachers’ salaries, including allowances, are increased by 1.75% in 2021/22, meaning that the IWPRB and the Welsh Government have not complied with the Westminster Government’s policy of a teachers’ pay freeze.

This is a significant success for the NASUWT, which focused its evidence on opposing the pay freeze and exposing the serious flaws in the Westminster Government’s public sector pay policy.

The 2021/22 teachers’ pay scales in Wales are currently subject to consultation. As soon as these are published in the STPC(W)D, we will make them available to members on the website.

In addition to the recommendation on pay, a key IWPRB recommendation is that the Welsh Government consults on a change in the provision within the STPC(W)D to allow part-time teachers to receive full-time Teaching and Learning Responsibility payments TLR1 and TLR2 under certain circumstances.

This is also a significant success for the NASUWT, as we asked for this change in provision to avoid the scenario where part-time TLR holders are expected to discharge all the duties of a full-time TLR, but can only receive a part-time payment.

The NASUWT stressed in its response to the consultation on this issue that this must be with the agreement of the part-time teacher who has been awarded the TLR payment, as well as an entitlement for all teachers in Wales, and should not be a discretion which employers can deny.

In its evidence to the IWPRB in connection with its 3rd Report, the NASUWT stressed that the Welsh Government had not fully implemented the recommendation in the IWPRB’s 2nd Report that movement between the minimum and maximum of the pay ranges should not be dependent on performance.

The IWPRB has picked up on this failure in its 3rd Report in a separate recommendation, but has failed to ask for its recommendation on performance-related pay to be implemented in full. The NASUWT will continue to press for full implementation.

The IWPRB has also made recommendations to ensure improved consistency of implementation of statutory teachers’ pay and conditions, although these generally fall short of the publication of additional statutory guidance, which the NASUWT advocated.

The Union will participate in the Welsh Government’s Pay Partnership Forum to ensure that this guidance is effective, and will continue to press for effective statutory guidance to be added to the STPC(W)D.

Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, commented, ‘Teachers’ pay in Wales continues to be too low and the NASUWT will continue to campaign for a substantial teachers’ pay increase. However, teachers in Wales will be grateful that their pay review body has shown genuine independence and rejected the Westminster Government’s public sector pay freeze.

‘The Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) continues to do good work and address the years of damage to the teaching profession brought about by the Westminster Government. The NASUWT expects a similar approach from the Welsh Government.’


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