The latest position of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) Employers’ Side was that a 1.22% award is to be made to teachers for 2021/22.

The NASUWT has undertaken an indicative survey of its members in Scotland. The response from our members has been overwhelming:

  • 85% reject the current pay offer of 1.22% for teachers in Scotland;
  • 82% believe that the current pay offer is unfair in the current circumstances;
  • 78% agree that a pay award of 1.22% will have a negative impact on their morale;
  • 86% would be willing to take some form of industrial action in response to the current pay offer;
  • 74% would be willing to vote for strike action to get a better pay deal.

The anger of teachers over the failure to deliver a fair pay award is clear. The current offer of 1.22% represents a further significant real-terms pay cut to teachers’ pay, compounding a decade of erosion in value of teachers’ salaries.

Pay is a major issue of concern for NASUWT members, adding to their concerns over excessive workload, wellbeing and health and safety.

At a time when more and more is being asked of the profession, the Union has written to the Cabinet Secretary, Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, asking her to take such steps as are necessary to insist that employers come back to the negotiating table urgently with an improved offer which will deliver real progress towards pay restoration for teachers.

The NASUWT remains committed to working with the Government and COSLA on these matters in the interests of the teaching profession and the education of our children and young people, while no option has been discounted by the NASUWT in supporting our members, collectively, to secure a fair pay award.

Teachers have expressed their anger and opposition to the current pay offer and it is time now for the Scottish Government and local authorities to listen and come forward with an improved offer that addresses the year-on-year erosion of their salaries.

For further information, please see the NASUWT press release Improve pay offer or risk further action. Other information, including our letter to the Cabinet Secretary, is on the right/below.