January 2024 sees the award of the final part of the staged teachers’ pay award for 2022-24 with all teachers getting a 2% salary rise, capped for those earning £80,000pa or more.

It also sees the negotiating process begin for the next pay award, due from August 2024.

NASUWT Scotland made a submission to the SNCT Teachers’ Panel, comprising all the teacher trade unions in Scotland, emphasising the need for a significant above-inflation pay rise for teachers in Scotland of at least 8% to address the ongoing cost of living crisis and historical real-terms pay cuts.

The full submission, with supporting evidence, is available on the right/below under Scotland Pay Claims.

The Panel met on 19 January and its conclusion was to recommend a pay claim be submitted seeking a 6.5% salary increase to all pay points for the 2024/25 pay year, commencing in August 2024.

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