Schools should start the new year 2021/22 by continuing to apply the Covid safety mitigations that were in place at the end of last term, with some modifications, particularly in relation to self-isolation, contact tracing and testing for under 18's. It is expected that this updated approach to mitigations will remain in place for a period of up to six weeks (until the end of September).

A summary of and advice on the Covid safety measures which should be in place in all schools can be found in the August Covid Members Bulletin at the top of this page. 

All modifications to mitigations in schools should be appropriately reflected in updated risk assessments and subject to discussion with trade union representatives at school and local authority level, while sufficient time must be allowed to assess risks, engage in workforce and trade union discussions, and update risk assessments before any changes are implemented. 

Members with concerns about working arrangements or safety in their workplace should contact NASUWT Scotland for further advice and support at [email protected]