Representing Women Beyond the Union

The NASUWT is affiliated to a number of women's organisations including the Charter for Women, EAVES, Maternity Action, the White Ribbon Campaign, the National Council of Women of Great Britain and the National Alliance of Women's Organisations.

The Union also works with the TUC and the TUC Women's Committee on gender equality in the workplace and wider society. The NASUWT has a national executive representative on the TUC Women's Committee.  

A Charter for Women

In January 2005, the NASUWT adopted the Charter for Women. This continues to provide the foundation for the Union’s work on gender equality.

Chainmakers Festival

The NASUWT is a supporter of the TUC Women Chainmakers Festival which celebrates the achievements of 800 or so women chainmakers in the Black Country who fought to establish their right to a minimum wage.

This dispute was an important step towards establishing a National Minimum Wage - finally achieved in 1989.

Violence Against Women

The NASUWT is a supporter of Reclaim the Night, the national, annual march and rally which affirms women's rights to use public spaces without fear.  

Reclaim The Night gives women a voice and is an empowering event. The march gives women one night when they can feel safe to walk the streets of their own towns and cities.