During the academic year, teachers who have examination classes/groups may be released from timetabled teaching commitments as a result of pupils being on study or examination leave. This is referred to as gained time.

During gained time, teachers are only required to undertake activities from the list below, which were previously listed in Section 4 of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document:

  • developing/revising departmental/subject curriculum materials, schemes of work, lesson plans and policies in preparation for the new academic year. This may include identifying appropriate members’ materials for use by supply staff and/or cover supervisors;

  • assisting colleagues in appropriate planned team teaching activities;

  • taking groups of pupils to provide additional learning support;

  • supporting selected pupils with coursework;

  • undertaking planned activities with pupils transferring between year groups or from primary schools;

  • where the school has a policy for all staff to release them for continuing professional development (CPD) during school sessions, gained time may be used.

Defining the use of gained time is to avoid teachers being directed to activities during this time which do not require the skills and abilities of qualified teachers and to enable them to focus on tasks which enhance teaching and learning.

Members should not accept direction to undertake any activities in gained time other than those contained in the list above.


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