Directed time refers to the hours which you can be asked to work during the academic year.

All members in maintained schools and academies are covered by Instruction 10 of the NASUWT National Action Instructions, which states:

Members are instructed not to attend any meetings outside school session times which are not within directed time and where there is no published directed time calendar which has been agreed with the NASUWT.
The vast majority of schools still work according to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) for England and Wales.
The STPCD states that you can only be required to work for 1265 hours over 195 days of the year.
This should be provided to you at the beginning of each year.
Directed time currently forms part of the NASUWT national action instructions.
195 days each academic year. 190 days involve teaching pupils/students, the other 5 days are non-teaching days (often known as INSET days).
You can only be directed for 1, 265 hours (directed time) during the 195 days each academic year (directed time), unless you are paid on the leadership range.
The directed time calendar should be given to you at the beginning of each academic year.
If you work in an academy which has a contract specifying different hours and days then contact the NASUWT for further advice and guidance.