The NASUWT believes that all children and young people and staff in schools have a right to learn and work in a safe and secure environment, free from intimidation, harassment, abuse and fear and where they feel valued and respected.

There needs to be a whole-school approach to tackling bullying: tackling the bullying of staff by other staff is as important as tackling pupil-on-pupil bullying and the bullying of staff by pupils.

We define bullying as the ‘unjust exercise of power of one individual over another by the use of means intended to humiliate, frighten, denigrate or injure the victim’.

The NASUWT campaigns for strategies to tackle and end the scourge of all forms of bullying and Jennifer Moses, National Official (Equality and Training), represents the Union on the National Anti-Bullying Alliance advisory group.

If you are experiencing bullying, please contact us for advice and support.


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