What the Fund is

The Political Fund is a campaign fund to enable the NASUWT to engage in activities to further the interests of members which are covered by legislative provisions.

The Fund is used to publish leaflets and materials and undertake activities to:

  • lobby for the amendment of legislation that affects your working life;
  • publicise your views to the Government, whichever political party is in power.

What the Fund is not

The Fund is not an affiliation to any political party.

The NASUWT is non-party-political and contributions made to this Fund are not in any way donated to any political party.

Why the Fund is important

Because the Union is required to have this Fund in order to be able to campaign, within the law, on issues that affect the pay and conditions of service of teachers, all members are strongly encouraged to opt into it.

Whether campaigning to protect your terms and conditions or to improve your pay and pension, we want to be as effective as possible and this means being able to undertake political lobbying with the Government.

Opt into the Political Fund now

A full-time member paying a full subscription will contribute only £1 to the NASUWT Political Fund each year. Part-time members pay on a pro rata basis.

If you do not opt into paying into the Political Fund, you do not lose any of the benefits of membership or suffer any disadvantage in comparison with other members of the Union.